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Edument erbjuder en gratis 1 timmes presentation om Event Modeling, en ny metod där teknik- och domänexperter samarbetar för att analysera en domän samt beskriva ett system genom att förstå hur det förändras över tid.

An Introduction to Event Modeling


Presentation, 45 minutes (with optional Q&A and can be held in either Swedish or English).


When building applications and services for a particular business domain, how do you ensure that people with varying backgrounds in your organization can effectively work together to create a shared understanding of that domain, and thereby generate an agreed-upon blueprint for what to implement?


Event Modeling is a collaborative technique where business and technical experts join forces to systematically explore and model solutions in a problem space via so-called "domain events" - fundamental building blocks that allow participants to capture and visualize the knowledge they have of a domain.


With a few simple concepts, Event Modeling allows for quickly analyzing a domain and its features, establishing common terminology, discovering system boundaries and validating the flow of various processes.

Marc Klefter will present Event Modeling and provide practical insight into how this technique can help to better understand the problems that need to be addressed in a domain, how to model solutions, and aligning all stakeholders by enabling them to speak the same language and work towards uniform goals.

The presentation can be held virtually or on-site in the Öresund (Malmö/Copenhagen) region.

Edument_An_introduction to Event Modeling.png

Marc Klefter, Technical Lead / Cloud Native Applications


Marc Klefter är Tech Lead för Edument Cloud Native Applications och ansvarar för att hjälpa Eduments kunder i tekniska hänseenden för att lyckas med utveckling av molntjänster. Med sin bakgrund som entreprenör, konsult och utbildare, med mångårig erfarenhet av både teknik och affär, drivs Marc av att bygga och lansera innovativa produkter.

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