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Beginning C++

C++ is a high-level language that runs from the smallest of computers inside wearables and IoT devices to mobile phones, TVs, vehicles and more. Since 2011, new and powerful features were introduced. They made the language simpler and safer to write while supporting multiple paradigms such as object-oriented and functional programming. Later versions bridged any remaining gap to other high-level languages and now C++ has little to envy from Python and Java.

The primary goal of the course is to lay solid foundations for a career in C++. After the course, the participants will understand C++ syntax and idioms, be able to work with C++ codebases and do so abiding by the most recent best practices.

Since this is a beginner's course, the participants need to get excited about the language and eliminate any prejudice they may have due to past "traumatic" experiences. This is why the course will focus on modern versions of the language, i.e. from C++14 to some particularly useful features of C++20 which eloquently demonstrate how easy and elegant it can be to develop in C++.

What you will learn

  • Vector

    • Iterators

    • Algorithms: sort, for_each and many more

  • Functions and files

    • Header files vs cpp files

  • Namespace

  • Object oriented programming

  • Raw pointers (and why we want to avoid them)

  • Smart pointers

    • Unique

    • Shared

    • Weak

  • Inheritance

    • Abstract classes

    • Virtual functions and override

  • Unit testing with google test

  • Read and write to files

  • Lambdas

  • Generic programming

    • Auto

    • Templates

  • Exceptions

Target group & Prerequisites

No prior knowledge of C or C++ is necessary however participants need to have experience with programming.

20 900 kr ex VAT

20 - 21 April 2023

- The course is given remote or in classroom
- Contact us for upcoming courses
- If you are a team there is an opportunity for content adaptation based on your needs

Duration: 2 days             

Level: Beginning

Language: English/Swedish                  

Course code: T190

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