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Beginning Python

Many people find it helpful to learn a scripting language these days. Python is one of the more mature ones out there, with a strong tradition, a helpful community, and a massive set of ready-to-use modules. Thus, increasing your knowledge about Python means getting a further reach in solving many everyday problems.

Programming has its own set of challenges and hard points. Python stands out among languages as sane and beginner-friendly. Despite this, it can be used to solve a wide range of problems, everything from the mundane to the intricate. The course is filled with real-world examples which you can apply directly to your work.

Is Python your first programming language or do you already know some programming languages? Regardless this course is an accessible introduction to Python and solving problems with a scripting language.

This course targets Python 3, but we can target Python 2 on demand.

What you will learn

  • The interactive prompt

  • Starting to work with scripts

  • Values and variables

  • Basic data types

  • Control flow: if, and while

  • Lists and for loops

  • Breaking out early from loops

  • Sorting and searching

  • Input and output

  • File handling: reading and writing

  • Using strings

  • Making your own functions

  • Dictionaries

  • Formatting

  • List comprehensions

  • Classes and objects

  • Inheritance

  • Exceptions

  • Regular expressions

  • Database handling

  • Modules and packages

  • Debugging

Target group & Prerequisites

Developers with previous programming experience and wants to learn the basics of Python. The language or the type of programming matters less; a familiarity with the programming mindset is the important thing.

25 900 SEK ex moms

- The course is given remote or in classroom
- Contact us for upcoming courses
- If you are a team there is an opportunity for content adaptation based on your needs

Duration: 3 days, or 6 half days             

Level: Beginning

Language: English/Swedish                  

Course code: T193

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