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Cloud Native Applications

Cloud Native Applications offers training, advisory services and support related to cloud native application development with Kubernetes and AWS, with a particular focus on event-driven systems via our partnership with AxonIQ. What are your needs? Contact us and we will tell you more about how we can help you.


Cloud Native Application Development using AWS Container Services

This 1-day workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to building container based applications targeting AWS.

Introduction to building event-driven systems with AxonIQ

In partnership with AxonIQ, offers a free seminar for your organisation to learn about designing and implementing scalable and resilient cloud native applications, using AxonIQ's market-leading platform for event-driven microservices.

Building event-driven systems using DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing, with Axon 

This 1-day workshop introduces the essential concepts of Domain-Driven Design, Command Query Responsibility Separation and Event Sourcing, and applies them to a real-world application scenario using Axon Framework 

Introduction to Event Modeling

Right now, Edument offers a free, one-hour presentation on Event Modeling, a novel method where tech and domain experts work together to analyze and describe a system by understanding how it changes over time.

Videos - Marc Klefter, Technical Lead | Cloud Native Applications

About Us


Marc Klefter is Technical Lead for the Cloud Native Applications solution area, helping Edument's customers succeed in developing cloud native products and services. With his background as an engineer, entrepreneur, consultant and trainer, with many years of experience in both technology and business, Marc is driven by building and launching innovative software solutions.

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