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We have worked with complex IT solutions for more than ten years. Our team consists of experienced architects and developers who are brought in by our clients – large and small – when they are in need of expert knowledge. It can be for IT projects concerning everything from digitalisation of processes, code review, compiler and runtime development to constructing of development tools or API design.

We will be part of your team

No matter what and how big challenges you face, we can help you with your IT projects! Contact me and we will have a dialogue about what skills you need and how we can help you further. 


Wiveka Thott

0703 - 33 31 40



A junior developer who will soon be looking for a new assignment. 

His cutting-edge skills include
# Swift / # iOS, #ObjectiveC, # Kotlin / # Android, #JavaScript, #NodeJS, #React, #Redux, #Typescript, #VueJs, #GoogleCloud, #Agile Working, #Jira, # E2E testing, #TDD



A developer who has many years on his neck in C ++ and C # and would have thought it would be fun to work in the gaming industry, but that is of course the task itself counts.

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