From chef to developer - Mattias made a career out of his second interest

The choice to change from chef to developer was obvious and the journey to senior developer has taught Mattias Andersen to be humble and realize that there is always more to learn, whether it is on your own or with others.

Mattias Andersen began his career as a chef, but after 12 years he got tired and changed careers. With an interest in computers that followed him through life and a friend who taught him some basics in programming, he took the step to saddle up to become a system developer.

During the vocational training, one of the guest teachers was Edument's Tore Nestenius. Tore saw the potential and offered Mattias an internship at Edument where he got to be part of an international in-house project with experienced developers. There he was thrown into React and Redux, which were then foreign to him.

- It was extremely instructive. For the first few weeks, I was quite overwhelmed and questioned whether I would make it. Everything was new; the techniques, and how to work both as a team and towards a customer. But it was very fun at the same time and I got a lot of help from talented developers, he says.

Solves problems together

During the internship, Mattias showed great will and curiosity to learn and has since been an obvious Edumentor. During 6 years at Edument, he has been involved in many different projects both in-house and out at the customer, taught developers in China and also had time to develop a game, Cathedral, together with colleague Eric Lavesson.

- One of the best things about Edument is the opportunity to have worked with people who are better than me! Lately, it has also happened that others come to me so I can help them. It is instructive, we program in pairs and solve the problem together, he says, who introduces our way of working to new colleagues with a focus on how we work with TDD and GIT. But just as he teach his new colleagues, so he learns from them. 

Continue to develop

- At Edument, I have been trained in well-written and structured code and learned to more easily distinguish between what is good and what is messy code. I am glad that I started here and that I have been a part of many different projects that make me continue to develop, says Mattias who wants to continue learning new things.

Lately, he and colleague Eric have delved into AWS CloudFormation to be able to apply it in future projects. The ambition is to be able to set up test and production environments for projects in a unified way, something that would really facilitate the workflow.

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