New courses - Azure, Spring Boot och Scala

Now that spring has really started, it is time to release 4 new courses!

Now that spring has really started, it is about time we broaden our knowledge bank. We do this with 2 new courses within Azure, 1 in Spring Boot and one in Scala. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our new courses.

Want to learn more about how Azure works? In Windows Azure Development, we explore various techniques for developing applications and storing data in the cloud, and helping you understand when different approaches are best used.

We take a detailed look at how to plan, implement and use scalable and reliable microservices for Azure Service Fabric. In Containers and Azure Service Fabric, we take a detailed look at the problem of how we create microservices that are both stateful and stateless.

Want to learn how to build applications using Spring Boot? In Spring Boot Development you get a detailed overview of how to create sophisticated applications quickly with the help of Spring Boot in accordance with contemporary generally accepted methods and patterns.

Scala is an object oriented language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. In Scala Development you are given a quick introduction to Scala for developers with experience in similar languages (eg Java, C # and C ++). We then go into how Scala is used in practice.

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