Agile development

Our courses are interactive, where you as participant learn by practical exercises. The exercises are designed so that you straight after the course are ready to use your skills

in your team and with other colleagues. During our courses you will meet developers who do as they teach! Edument has agile work in its core. Our development projects are inspired by Scrum, and we use techniques like kanban, backlogs and retrospectives. As a company, we build our organisation based on agile principles.

In addition to our courses aimed at developers, we also offer courses for anyone who wants to develop their agile leadership.

Agile work is a growing concept even outside of the tech business, but what does it really mean? We offer courses in Management 3.0 and Scrum, where you are given the tools and the correct mindset to agile working.

The world we live in is complex and more or less impossible to predict. Within the IT sector, we have long ago realised that today's challenges cannot be solved with traditional push methods, like the waterfall model. For a long time, we have used Scrum, Kanban, Lean startup, Lean development and XP to mention a few frameworks and methods. We also see how agile work is spreading to other areas, such as management, finance and HR. Agile work is not just for IT, it's for everyone!

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