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What is a CodeBuddy™?

A CodeBuddy is what it sounds like; a friend and coaching partner who helps your developers improve and stay motivated. We know how easily costs run through the roof when a development process is inefficient or malfunctioning. We also know it is possible to fix. Therefore, we created the CodeBuddy concept, which offers our customers the best combination of our services, training and mentorship. For a personal mentor is the best and most effective way and it has proved to be a very sought after concept.

Why should I hire a CodeBuddy™?

A CodeBuddy™ from Edument is an investment in your developers that promises a great return. A CodeBuddy™ joins your team and acts both as a teacher and mentor, as well as a developer. In this way your developers will not have to spend valuable time away for education and growth to take place. It is done right at your company’s premises and in an environment that is known to your developers. An Edument CodeBuddy™ is an experienced mentor, a senior specialist and he or she is often internationally acknowledged. Among our CodeBuddies you find MVPs (Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals) and developers that are at the very top of their field.

Edument has education and mentorship in its very DNA. To us mentorship is not just a pretty word, it is what we wholeheartedly believe in. The years we have spent delivering cutting edge IT education and consulting has taught us something important - peer to peer learning is by far the best way to keep growing and avoid getting stuck. When your developers get stuck on a problem you not only lose precious time, your team loses confidence and enthusiasm, both of which are very important ingredients for successful results.

Edument has education and mentorship in its very DNA. To us mentorship is not just a pretty word, it is what we wholeheartedly believe in. Acke Salem - CEO Edument AB

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Are React and Angular still the only two responsible choices when selecting a JavaScript framework for the new project, or can Vue now be considered an actual contender also from a business perspective?

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Configuring CMake for success

One common question I get on our Advanced C++ course is how the project structure should look, e.g. should I split the source code into multiple directories? How can I introduce unit tests? Should I compile into multiple libraries?

Each project is unique in what it needs, so in this blog post I’ll go over my general preferred setup and then look at how we adopted it for C++ on Android where we also interface with Kotlin/Java.

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Working Remotely… Very Remotely

Does your job let you travel? Do you want it to? Our job does! And we're taking advantage of it!  Read all about our plans for remote work... very remote work.  #waaayoutofoffice

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Focus on Business Value with Scrum

How do we, as a company, keep our focus on Business Value, when we our teams are dominated by technical people and developers, who are not always even expected to see the bigger picture. How can Scrum be at help?

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Why TypeScript?

A few contrasting examples: in JavaScript it's fine to forget a  property in an object literal, to call a function with the wrong number  of arguments, or to write code that will never be reached in a program. TypeScript flags all of these things as errors, often directly in an  IDE.

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