- The Integrated Development Environment for Perl 6

Now we launch the beta version of our IDE product Comma, built on JetBrain's platform, and works both standalone and as plugin for IntelliJ, WebStorm, and other JetBrains IDEs. By analyzing the code in real time and visualizing the test results, we want to help the Perl 6 developers in there everyday work. The fact that we develop a product for just Perl developers is no coincidence. Two of our developers Jonathan Worthington and Carl Mäsak are heavy names within the Perls Community. Jonathan Worthington, Compiler and runtime architect for Perl 6 and the creator of Comma.


Delivering a software product is much more than having ideas and turning them into code. I’ve been glad to build Comma as part of Edument, which provides developers with the freedom to explore new ideas, and can provide the support needed to turn ideas into products. With Comma we have something where everyone can see our competence in this space.

— Jonathan Worthington, the creater of Comma
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Paul Histrand

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