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The Edument team have a diverse skillset, and that is reflected in our range of courses. Edumenters are encouraged to build courses about topics they have a passion for, because we believe that’s how the best courses are made. So don’t worry that, since these courses are “the others”, they might be built with any less love. Rather, they’re here because somebody cared enough about these topics to build courses for them.

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Perl 6 for Programmers

This 2-day course will enable you to add Perl 6 to your programming toolbox. Perl 6 is a rich language with a vast standard library. Featuring excellent Unicode support, a clean new pattern matching syntax, high-level concurrency features, built-in reactive programming, and neat interoperability with both native (C) libraries and Perl 5 code, it can be hard to know where to begin. This course, designed by Perl 6 contributors, will not only teach you the essentials of the language, but also introduce you to testing, using modules, and building simple reactive services.

Docker Foundation

Since being introduced in 2013 Docker has taken the world by storm.

Learn how to use this powerful tool through this practical class based around our experience implementing Docker based solutions for multiple clients.

Rakudo Perl 6 and NQP Internals

Take a deep dive into the Rakudo Perl 6 and NQP internals. Build a small compiler, complete with a simple class-based object system, to understand how the toolchain works.

Power BI for Office 365

Power BI for Office 365 offers the Power BI sites application, which transforms a SharePoint Online site into a more robust, dynamic location to share and find Excel workbooks and provides a visual, interactive view tailored to BI.

Parallel and Heterogeneous Computing with Microsoft PPL & AMP in C++

Performance of single threaded programs have not increased much over the last couple of years. Today insted CPUs come packed with multiple cores which, if utilized correctly, can be exploited for higher performance.

And for some problems that can be solved on a GPU we can get up to a 100 times increase in performance.

This course teaches you how to tap into this performance increase using Microsoft PPL (Parallel Patterns Library) and Microsoft AMP (Accelerated Massive Parallelism).

Intermediate Python

This course introduces Python in a clear and approachable manner, covering semantics, syntax, and a good deal of actual use cases.

Intermediate Perl

Learn from our highly experienced teachers how to write modern, well structured, sustainable Perl.

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