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Advanced AngularJS

You and your team already use Angular. And you like it. But now it's time to take the next step.

Maybe you find yourself wanting to structure your application better. Or you're wondering whether you can improve performance in certain places. Are you perchance interested in learning more about directives, or how to prepare for converting to Angular 2.0?

Either way, this course has something for you. It starts where the introductory Angular course ends, and keeps drilling down into the essentials of the framework, its community, and its best practices.

Target audience

Web developers who use Angular. People who want to extend their Angular knowledge.


A participant is expected to have taken our first Angular course before taking this one.

If not, the corresponding real-world experience with Angular is assumed.

What you will learn

Day 1

  • Watchers and data binding
  • Modularity
  • Performance
  • Tooling
  • Testing components
  • Refactoring and technical debt

Day 2

  • Directives, a closer look
  • More about services and events
  • REST
  • Security
  • Trying out some Angular 2.0

Course info

  • Course code: T371
  • Course duration: 2 days
  • Price: 18600 SEK


Carl Mäsak
Carl Mäsak


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