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Web Security for Developers

The web is a great software delivery platform, making your software available to users around the world. Unfortunately, it also exposes you to an army of adversaries.

This course helps you develop a security-oriented mindset, to recognize and protect against threats.

Software Architecture

This course will help you design your systems to cope with challenges around design concerns and constraints, how to map customer requirements to software, and how to avoid it all to turn into a big ball of mud.


React brought several powerful new ideas to the web. Being a library rather than a framework it is very approachable, while still able to provide a solid foundation for your application. Especially if combined with its friends, Redux and React Router. In this course you'll be introduced to them all!

Beginning Python

This course introduces Python in a clear and approachable manner, covering semantics, syntax, and a good deal of actual use cases.

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