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Web development

From simple text content up to rich multi-user applications, the web can do it all. It’s amazing to think how far the web has come in the last couple of decades - and yet its evolution continues apace.

Courses in Web development


There are lots of web application frameworks out there, but Angular stands out from the crowd.

Google-powered, open-sourced, and brimming with powerful mechanisms to turn your website into a web application.

This course takes you through how and why.

Advanced EmberJS

From MVC theory to talk about performance and testing, we'll look at how to write responsible code with the most reliable framework in the JavaScript world.


This course teaches you the necessary basics to get going and becoming productive with TypeScript.

It grounds itself in concrete code and practical examples.

Much of the time will be spent on exercises, producing running code.

JavaScript Foundation

This course provides a solid JavaScript foundation that you can use to build sites and applications for the web. We focus not only on the browser, but also on building simple applications with NodeJS.

Advanced AngularJS

Maybe you find yourself wanting to structure your application better.

Or you're wondering whether you can improve performance in certain places. Are you perchance interested in learning more about directives, or how to prepare for converting to Angular 2.0?

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