Java runs almost everywhere. Scaling down to sensors and feature phones, scaling up to powerful servers with dozens of CPU cores, running on a wide range of operating systems, and with countless libraries and frameworks, there are few situations where Java could not be used. And while Java first emerged more than 20 years ago, the language is still growing and evolving today.

Whether you’re new to the Java language and need to get oriented, or have used it for a while and want to polish your skills, Edument has the training you need. Our courses include coverage of modern Java features, such as generics and lambda expressions.

Courses in Java

Modern TDD in Java

Test-Driven Development (TDD) puts testing at the center of the development process. Instead of testing being a dull, time-compressed bugger that comes after the implementation, TDD allows us to use automated tests to drive and support the actual implementation process. Correctly applied, TDD can lead to better-designed, more error-free software that developers can feel confident will develop and expand in line with new requirements.

Category: Java
Delivery dates:
Stockholm:  21 Oct 18 Nov 2 Dec
Gothenburg:  14 Oct 2 Dec
Malmö:  7 Oct 21 Nov
2 days | 21 500 SEK Read more and book

Beginning Java

 This course provides an introduction to the Java language. 

Category: Java
Delivery dates:
Stockholm:  18 Nov 18 Dec
Malmö:  30 Sep 11 Dec
Gothenburg:  23 Sep
3 days | 25 900 SEK Read more and book

Intermediate Java

This course will present you with some advanced concepts in Java. 

Category: Java
Delivery dates:
Stockholm:  16 Dec
Malmö:  16 Oct 11 Dec
3 days | 25 900 SEK Read more and book

Scala Development

Scala is an object-oriented language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. Scala is also a functional language, and combines the features and benefits of OO and functional programming. This course provides a fast-paced introduction to the language for developers with experience in similar languages (e.g. Java, C#, or C++), and then delves deeper into idiomatic uses of Scala in practice.

Category: Java
Delivery dates:
Stockholm:  2 Dec
Malmö:  2 Dec
Gothenburg:  2 Dec
4 days | 31 500 SEK Read more and book

Spring Boot Development

This course takes a detailed look at how to use Spring Boot to create sophisticated applications rapidly, according to best practices and contemporary enterprise application patterns.

Category: Java
Delivery dates:
3 days | 26 900 SEK Read more and book

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