Intermediate SQL

 This intermediate course builds on Beginning SQL and goes deeper into the language as well as how to design and implement your own databases from scratch.

During the course we will make use of SQL Server 2016 Express, but most things you learn here also work with previous versions of SQL Server.

The course also contains many exercises in both SQL and database design, where you learn to go from specification to database.

The instructor is also actively working as a consultant, and shares his practical experiences of databases

    Target audience

     For you who want to deppen your SQL knowledge, and learn to create your own databases.


    You should have skills corresponding to *Beginning SQL*, and knowledge about how to construct queries in SQL, including `JOIN` and `GROUP BY`. 

     What you will learn

    Things covered by the course

    • Creating database
    • Creating tables
    • Normalization
    • Views
    • Index (clustered and non-clustered)
    • Transactions
    • Database diagrams
    • Schemas
    • Stored procedures
    • Error handling
    • Subqueries
    • Data integrity and constraints

    Course info

    Course code: S200
    Duration: 3 days
    Price: 25 900 SEK
    Language: English


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    +46 40 61 70 720

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