Hack the City!

Date: 29 May 2018

For beginners and experienced coders alike, we'll look at all the information that is available for free to make new web services, from bus schedules to city gardens. We'll start with a small introduction and spend the rest of the evening building a small web project and talk about the future of social cities.

Evening course in Management 3.0 - Stockholm

Date: 16 May 2018

Leadership is not just the managers responsibility. It is everyone's responsibility. We all lead in some way and leadership is too important to be left to the managers only.

Go our evening class in Management 3.0 - Stockholm in May. This course is only available in Swedish, read more about this course 

Javascript 2018 - React vs Angular

Date: 19 Apr 2018

In the red corner, championing Angular2, is long-time JavaScript evangelist David Waller. His opponent in the blue corner, defending React’s honor, is the equally-JS-nerdy Carl Mäsak.  Throughout the evening our two combatants will face off against each  other, highlighting the weaknesses of the opposing framework while dismissing those of their own. The evening includes:

  • Trend spotting
  • Best-practices
  • React vs Angular
  • JavaScript tool
  • Many live examples!

  • JavaScript

Why wait? Creating C++17 polyfills

Date: 22 Mar 2018

In this talk we’ll discuss a few of the new C++ 17  features, why we like them, and how we can use them today, even on  unsupported platforms. Our examples will come from a recent android  augmented reality project, where we took advantage of new C++17  features, even though we where limited to the C++14 version of the  standard library. 

Webinar Modern Javascript - 16 March

Date: 16 Mar 2018

Webinar: Modern JavaScript - March 16th
Are you interested in JavaScript? Let yourself be inspired.

  • JavaScript

Avoiding problems with CSS at scale: A look at CSS in JS

Date: 1 Feb 2018

Anyone who has ever worked on a large product knows the pain of  poorly architected CSS. CSS in JS enforces locally-scoped styles by  default, by pulling in only the styles necessary for the component, instead of a whole CSS stylesheet.

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Focus on Business Value with Scrum

How do we, as a company, keep our focus on Business Value, when we our teams are dominated by technical people and developers, who are not always even expected to see the bigger picture. How can Scrum be at help?

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Take a course in Prague

We are proud to announce that, starting from May, Edument will also offer courses in Prague. Now you can enjoy and be energized by spending time in one of Europe's most beautiful cities, at the same time as attending one of our popular courses! 

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Edument 8 years!

8 years ago Acke Salem and Tore Nestenius started Edument AB. To celebrate this we're offering great discounts!

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Brushing teeth and static checks

The three-year-old at home doesn't like having his teeth brushed. But I, a crafty father, have developed a trick.

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CSS selectors are evil and JS is the solution

A pragmatic demonstration of the drawbacks with CSS selectors, and how inline styles through JS solves these problems

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