Why work for an ordinary company?

Edument is not like other companies. We go our own way and believe in the individuals at the company. Their competencies and their pursuit of new knowledge are what characterize us. If you truly want to develop and work with colleagues that are top of their field, we think you should consider Edument as your home. 



As part of our team, you will also experience the opportunities for your personal development. With us it's only you who set the limits. Are you like us, welcome to Edument!

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Our offer is a promise.

Our offer to you is a promise to help you become the best you can be. The way we do that is by making sure you are properly challenged. The Edument way of challenging our team members is providing the cases that push the most boundaries, and by attracting the customers that demand the most problem solving skills. We believe the only way for us to grow as a company is by having great minds growing with us. At Edument we strive for the right balance between consulting, development and teaching. In our experience the best developers are the ones that are challenged by making the complex understandable to others. 

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Welcome to our tribal world

We know that when developers get the opportunity to focus on their own areas of interest, when they are encouraged to further their knowledge and deepen their expertise, their motivation stays on top. At Edument, you will come straight into our tribal world. A world that is dynamic and adapted to both the outside world and the skills found on Edument. Our tribes are self-organizing groups that create & maintain courses, world-wide monitors, generate whitepapers & blog posts, design & conduct seminars, etc. As a tribal member, your creative eagles will get out of doors, here you will create, experiment and test new ideas.

It’s a very challenging environment and I’m surrounded by a lot of competence. You can tell the developers like it here. The opportunity to work on sharp projects from day one has been very rewarding. Therése Barmer - Developer

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We are always looking for talented colleagues, maybe you're the one we are looking for?

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Focus on Business Value with Scrum

How do we, as a company, keep our focus on Business Value, when we our teams are dominated by technical people and developers, who are not always even expected to see the bigger picture. How can Scrum be at help?

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Take a course in Prague

We are proud to announce that, starting from May, Edument will also offer courses in Prague. Now you can enjoy and be energized by spending time in one of Europe's most beautiful cities, at the same time as attending one of our popular courses! 

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Edument 8 years!

8 years ago Acke Salem and Tore Nestenius started Edument AB. To celebrate this we're offering great discounts!

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Brushing teeth and static checks

The three-year-old at home doesn't like having his teeth brushed. But I, a crafty father, have developed a trick.

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CSS selectors are evil and JS is the solution

A pragmatic demonstration of the drawbacks with CSS selectors, and how inline styles through JS solves these problems

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