Java - Teacher and consultant

Edument is a company that knows that expertise is the key to success. Therefore, we choose to spend 40% of our working hours developing Edument and ourselves. Other 60% we devote to our customers and work with education, idea generation, concept development and projects.


Edument is a company that believes in self-organization. We avoid hierarchies and choose to build small groups, Tribes, which have clear focus (NET, Java Script, Java, Marketing, Sell etc). For you, it means you should be curious, knowledgeable, want to take your own initiative and not wait for someone to tell you what needs to be done.
Number of years as a developer is irrelevant. What determines is what knowledge you have filled your years with. Probably you have worked on different development projects and have real interest in programming. Perhaps you also have own projects besides your current job.
Educational experience is no requirement. You should feel confident of standing in front of a group and explaining complicated things in an easy way,

To enter the role of educator, you will focus on education. If you wish, you will be able to participate in minor development projects.
The goal is to drive the first course within one month. Parallel with you studying more courses, you also have the opportunity to research for new ones and further develop the existing ones within your Tribe.
You will drive courses across the country and the biggest focus is on the cities of Malmö, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo. You can count on around 30 days / year and there is the possibility to travel more than you wish.

We wish your first course delivery is a part of:

  • Modern TDD with Java 
  • Intermediate Java

Do you feel that Edument is a workplace for you but that the above courses do not match your profile? For example, do you want to create Java Master or any other exciting course? Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us what course you want to deliver!

There are different ways to go when you start getting warm in your training clothes. You can focus more on education and teaching or take more role in the concept & product development business area. We create your future plan based on what you want expert on!

Would you like Helsingborg or Malmö, but if you live elsewhere and the puzzle pieces fit, we can open an office where you are.

Today we have 30 Edumentare and have offices in Helsingborg, Malmö, Falkenberg and Prague. We are a knowledge company and the red thread among us Edumentare is that we think knowledge and skills are some of the finest things available. We do not believe in hierarchies and give all employees the same promise: "Together, we'll make sure you get the best you can become!"

If you are curious about Edument and want to know more, the easiest way to contact Björn is at / 0733-514830. You can send a classic application with CV / personal letter, ask Björn to invite coffee, create a vision board or do something exciting to tell who you are and why we will work together.

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