Software developer (Java Script || .NET || Java)

At Edument, we know competence is the key to success. That’s why we invest 40% of our time into developing ourselves and the company. The other 60% is spent working with clients to educate, generate ideas & concepts and write code.

Who are you?

You are curious, thirsty for knowledge, eager to take initiative instead of waiting for “someone” to tell you exactly what needs to be done.

We hope you have deep knowledge in JavaScript (frameworks like React/Angular/Ember), .NET or Java. By “deep knowledge” we mean that you know how to write (good) code, enjoy having challenging discussions with colleagues and customers, and are curious about the latest advancements in your field. You have an agile mindset and are comfortable with using tools like Git and Jira.

In other words, what a big corporation would call a senior developer.

The number of years you have spent as a developer isn’t of primary importance. What matters is what you’ve filled those years with. It is likely that you have worked with different development projects, and have a genuine interest in programming. Maybe you have a project or two going on the side.


You will be focusing on the business areas that we call CodeBuddy and Concept and Product Development.

As a Codebuddy you’ll act as a coach/mentor/advisor. Most such missions are of a shorter nature, but some might entail regular return visits.

For Concept- and Product Development we’re doing projects both in-house and on site at customers, or sometimes a solution somewhere in between.

The future

Once you’ve grown into the Edument mindset there are several roads to take. Maybe you will be inspired by our courses, and add “Teacher” onto your CV? Or maybe you want to keep descending deeper into the programming rabbit hole? Or a combination of the two? We let what you want formulate the plan for the future!


We’re hoping you’ll be based at one of the offices in Helsingborg or Malmö.

About us

Today we are around 30 Edumenters, with offices in Helsingborg, Malmö, Falkenberg and Prague. We are a knowledge-based company, and the common denominator among us is that we hail knowledge and competence as one of the most important things that there is. We don’t believe in hierarchies, and we give all employees the same promise: “together we’ll make sure you become the best you can be!”


If you’re curious about Edument and want to learn more, the quickest way is to get in touch with Björn via or +46733-514830. You can send over a traditional application with a CV and a personal letter, or ask Björn to take you out for coffee, or create a vision board - anything that will tell us who you are and why we should be working together!

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