11th Oct, 2016

Eric Lavesson, developer of Cathedral: "there are many layers to the game"

The news of Cathedral first broke in September and anticipation for the development of the game is very high. Did you know that the mastermind behind it works at Edument?

Nintendo fans will rejoice

There probably aren’t that many games Edument’s Eric Lavesson has no experience or knowledge of. The former Maths and Science teacher has a thorough background in games. Two years ago he began focusing more on a project that had been on his mind for quite some time.

Cathedral, an 8-bit-game with a retro touch, combines the best of Eric’s favourite games and promises its player a nostalgic return, or first visit, to the marvelous landscape associated with the Nintendo Entertainment System. The environment of the game bears strong resemblance to that of the games that ran on the venerable console.

Exploration plays a big part in Cathedral

Cathedral is a game that is more than what immediately meets the eye of the user. Eric says he intends to include many layers to the worlds that players of the game will encounter. The idea behind Cathedral is to combine the best aspects of the games Eric himself, and many with him, has played over the years - Castlevania, Metroid, The legend of Zelda, to mention just a few.


Eric thinks the fans of the game have a lot in common with himself; the generation that grew up with Nintendo and Sega and want to experience the same colour and sound palette.

"I have tried to recreate the feeling of the games I loved growing up. You tend to spend a lot of time in many of those games, exploring and discovering new places and layers to both story and the worlds in which it takes part. You get that in Cathedral as well", Eric explains.

Development during Training Days

At Edument, Exploration Days are regularly held. During Exploration Days developers focus solely on developing and improving projects and areas of their own interest. Cathedral has been Eric’s focus on many Exploration Days. As Eric is focusing on developing Cathedral, Edument’s CEO Acke Salem has taken the role of CEO in newly founded Decemberborn, the company by which Cathedral is represented. For the latest news on Cathedral, check out [Decemberborn](http://decemberborn.com/).

More about [Eric Lavesson](https://edument.se/experts/eric-lavesson)

Learn more about [Development at Edument](https://edument.se/research-and-development)

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