CodeBuddy™ - mentoring dev teams

CodeBuddy as a concept was developed to offer the best combination of our services - education and mentorship. A CodeBuddy is a senior system developer who
takes on a role as a mentor for your development team. This can be done either in combination of your team taking a course with us, or if you need a senior mentor
with experience or a speciality in a technology that your are implementing in your operations.

Why do we need a CodeBuddy™?

We know how easily costs can increase if a development process is inefficient or has a functional error. We also know that it can be fixed. That is why we created the concept CodeBuddy, a well tested way to make sure new knowledge is easily integrated into a development process. 

A CodeBuddy is an investment that promises a good return. A CodeBuddy works as a mentor for your developers and becomes a part of your team. This way, your developers do not have to spend valuable time taking courses, but the training goes on continously and at the speed of your growth. We will come to you so that the enviroment is familiar to your developers.

Education and mentorship is in our DNA at Edument. To us, mentorship is not just a pretty word, it is something we wholeheartedly believe in. We have delivered advanced IT courses and consulted companies for many years now, and that has taught us something important; An in-house mentor is absolutely the best way to ensure continous growth. When your developers get stuck with something, you are not only losing valuable time, but your team loses its confidence and enthusiasm, both crucial ingredients for successful results.

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