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How We Built Comma, the Raku IDE, on the IntelliJ Platform

16th January, kl 16-17

Jonathan Worthington at Jetbrains! This webinar tells the story of how Edument built an IDE for the Raku language using the IntelliJ Platform.

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React Winter Warmer

28 november, Gothenburg 

David will walk us through a series of Redux patterns to help reduce boilerplate and cognitive load. There'll be a fair bit of TypeScript and unit testing in there too. 

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Lev och led agilt med Management 3.0

21 november, Malmö 

To be agile and to lead as a leader without leading is an expression that appears in all industries today. But what does this really mean?

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Machine and man - can I trust AI?

9 October 2019 | Malmö

AI is moving into all areas, from finance and medicine to social assistance. How does AI work and how can we humans meet AI to work together? How do we know which are our strengths and what we should hand over to AI?

MalmöJS Meetup - Redux Patterns & ReasonML

1 October 2019 | Malmö

A MalmöJS meetup at Edument's Malmö office! Talks will be given on Redux patterns and ReasonML. Oh, and free food and beer!

What does a website look like behind the scenes? Take part in the everyday life of a web developer

20 september 2019 | Helsingborg

What is it that helps the eye to follow the news feed and how is it just the shirt you are looking at? Nelly Haglund talks about her journey to web developers and gives an insight into changing code directly in the browser.

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