Edument Techhub

We want to realize your vision, by adding our technical knowledge.

Do you have an exciting business idea that includes that you want to innovate, change and digitize your industry? Do you want to improve the world and need technical help to realize your idea? In our Techhub we are driven by solving difficult problems!

What can we offer?

Pitching and developing
your idea

Developing the technology

Get funding

Market strategies and launch

In our Techhub, we invest in awesome teams with good values, who have developed something with the right timing, with awesome technology and a proven business model. Acke Salem, founder and investor

More than your ordinary technical help

The staff at Edument has worked within software development for more than nine years, and has been part of international projects as educators and mentors for system developers. We know what it takes to create technical solutions that will stand the test of time. At our hub in Helsingborg, you will have access to around 30 experts within an array of different technologies and areas. With our vast experience, we will help you take your idea or product to the next step!

And don't forget about the thing called Marketing…

Regardless if you aim for B2C, B2B, have an app, service or a physical product, it is important to have an equally clear marketing and sales strategy. We meet a lot of entrepreneurs who lack or have an unclear strategy for how to reach out to or position themselves on the market with their idea or product. We can help you analyse the market and create a strategy from scratch, or test and develop your existing market strategy.


Part of our Techhub

Anatomic Studios

We are expecting that the Techhub are helping us realize our ideas and come with skills and resources we did not have in the team before. Christian Veraeus och Emelie Strömshed, founders of Anatomic Studios

Behind Anatomic Studios is a team of passionate innovators who, through fashion, design and 3D technology, transform prostheses, from aids to personally designed fashion accessories. They are thinking new in a traditional medical technology industry.

Our goal is to work with Anatomic Studios to ensure that their product can be optimized, from ear to loaf with the help of software. Together, we want to digitize a traditional industry so that personally designed prostheses are available to everyone.


Through the Techhub, we got a partner who has no ceiling on competence when it comes to programming, which we would have gotten if we had hired a developer instead. Daniel Johansson Hernius, CEO of Comotion

Based in Ängelholm Comotion works with visual and interactive solutions using 3D. They are at the forefront of visual expertise and marketing materials for customers involved in construction and real estate projects.

We see that Comotion has several development projects that can be completed with our power and together we can realize and drive them forward, the first of which has been a Home Selector where we have helped to improve the digital platform.

Do you want us to take part in your business idea?

Write to us and we will book your pitch!

The story behind our Techhub 

We have always believed in investing, investing now to create value in the long run. Since Edument was founded, we have always spent part of our time creating value for ourselves and for Edument. Initially, we did this by investing in education in the form of courses and textbooks. Since then, we have developed tools for developers such as Comma IDE for Perl development and the SQRS framework.

A few years ago, we saw the opportunity to not only invest in ourselves, but to use our knowledge to invest in others as well. Our strength is technology and coming up with solutions with the help of software, which is something that is needed in all industries. That's how the Technology Hub started to take shape ...

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