The Techhub

Do you have a business idea or product but lack the technical skills, capital or business strategy needed to realise and scale up an exciting product? We can help! We can help you with everything from testing the idea to launching it. Our hub welcomes you as an engineer to realise and building your business idea with us.

Pitching and developing
your idea

Developing the technology

Get funding

Market strategies and launch

More than your ordinary technical help

The staff at Edument has worked within software development for more than nine years, and has been part of international projects as educators and mentors for system developers. We know what it takes to create technical solutions that will stand the test of time. At our hub in Helsingborg, you will have access to around 30 experts within an array of different technologies and areas. With our vast experience, we will help you take your idea or product to the next step!

And don't forget about the thing called Marketing…

Regardless if you aim for B2C, B2B, have an app, service or a physical product, it is important to have an equally clear marketing and sales strategy. We meet a lot of entrepreneurs who lack or have an unclear strategy for how to reach out to or position themselves on the market with their idea or product. We can help you analyse the market and create a strategy from scratch, or test and develop your existing market strategy.


Anatomic Studios

We are now the lead investor in Anatomic Studios, an innovative company that creates specially designed prostheses within MedTech. We look forward to being a part of Anatomic Studios' journey, full of innovative opportunities.

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Do you need help to develop or scale your system. The Edument team includes architects and developers with a specialization in programming.

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Get to know us and the team

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See our up coming and past Events! Don´t miss your spot and book your spot on our popular events.

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