Tobias Dahl


I’ve lived in Gothenburg for the last 2 years and Kungälv, Falkenberg and Karlskrona before then. I got a cute dog and I’ve got co-ownership of 2 cats from my girlfriend.

I try to live my life best I can and for me it’s important to have fun both in my personal life as well as at work. I live for new experiences and learning new things which means a large part of my private life goes to hobbies and studies. I studied GameProgramming for about 8 years, before starting to work but since I enjoy testing new things I’ve found my place in the Consultant business and been loving my time with new experiences and challenges. I landed on Edument since I got the strong feeling that having fun and educating yourself are core fundamentals of the business with one day of the week spent hanging out and educating yourself.

Key skills

  • C++
  • C#
  • Python 
  • Houdini 
  • Software Architecture
  • Build Systems

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