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Still not like other companies! 

We go our own way and believe in everyone who works here. Our skills and hunger for new knowledge are what separates us. As part of our team, you will see the possibilities for your personal development. Your imagination is the only limit here. If you are like us; welcome to Edument!

80% / 20%

Knowledge is our guide light, and that is why we invest a lot of time in competence developing. We spend a maximum of 80% of our time with client projects. The rest of the time is spent developing ourselves as well as Edument.

Innovation, creativity and a hunger for knowledge!

Those are the factors that drive Edument, and hopefully you. We are constantly looking for people with specialist skills. Perhaps you already possess them, or will find them here in order to pass them on? Oh, and cool benefits are not a bonus here; they are a given. Some of the things we like are a wellness allowance, free access to Edument's courses, individual conference/training budget, freedom, picking your own equipment, #waaayoutofoffice and Explorations Days. The list is longer than that, and the easiest way to get to know the details is to meet with us.

Which Edumentor do you want to be?

Erik is passionate about technology. In order to learn more and share his knowledge at the same time, he regularly gives talks about subjects surrounding AI, AR and machine learning.

Eric loves gaming and built a game engine from scratch. That was the beginning of the retro game Cathedral. When Mattias started at Edument, it turned out that he shared the same passion for gaming as Eric, and became part of the project.

What do you want to do? Write books? Build prototypes? Blog? Create a course? Together we will make your dreams come true!

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Meet your future colleagues

"I have been working with software architecture and development for many years. Most of the time, I work together with our customers on creating technical solutions for both internal and external products."  - Eric 

"I always want to learn new things and love to take on challenges. I like problem solving; Problems exist for a reason, and that is to be solved." - Nelly 

"My insistence and positivity has helped me not giving up on tough problems instead taking the opportunity to learn something new." - Mattias

"Being able to explain something in a simple way usually means that you understand it yourself. That is why I strive to deliver quality solutions with code that is self-explanatory and easy to understand." - Simon 

A tech/knowledge based company founded in 2010, based in Helsingborg, Sweden. With our specialist knowledge of different technologies, we help both international enterprises and local startups with complex IT projects, system developer training and developing/realising business ideas through our Techhub.

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