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IntelliJ platform Development

IntelliJ isn’t just a Java IDE. It’s also the name of a platform that can be extended in numerous powerful directions: tooling integration, workflow automation, or even a plugin and IDE for another programming language. Edument has the expertise and the experience to deliver all of these - and more!

The power of good tools

Modern software development is demanding. Developers need to analyze the problems they are to solve, comprehend and navigate large codebases, produce good quality code, ensure it is well tested, and ship it into production - all while following their organization’s practices and processes. Furthermore, modern development often exposes developers to a wide range of frameworks, languages, and APIs.


Code analysis integrated directly into the development environment can help developers to avoid mistakes, or to use simpler constructs or more efficient constructs to achieve the same results. Code analysis need not be solely about the usage of the language and its standard library, but also external APIs.

Refactorings help the developer safely transform code, and may even point out opportunities for improvement that might otherwise be missed. When the cost and risk of refactoring is reduced, it’s easier to maintain code quality while adapting it to new understanding.

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Integration of tools into the development environment makes them easily accessible. Often, linking between the tool’s output and the code be established, to help the developer more easily understand and act upon what they see.

What can we do for you?

Maybe you’d like to

  • Integrate a tool you use every day into IntelliJ platform IDEs

  • Be able to offer an IntelliJ platform plugin for your API of library

  • Build a plugin or IDE for a currently unsupported language

  • Produce a custom distribution of IntelliJ aimed at a particular kind of development

Whether it’s one of these, or something else, Edument is ready to discuss what we can do for you. We love building developer experiences - and we have the experience to deliver.

IntelliJ Team

Work with the team behind the Comma IDE

Comma is an Integrated Development environment for the Raku language, built on the IntelliJ platform. Built by a team within Edument, Comma brings numerous powerful tools to the Raku developer, including fast navigation around the project, code analyses, refactorings, integrated testing and test coverage reporting, debugging, profiling, and more.

Building Comma challenged the Edument team to expand their knowledge of the IntelliJ platform. Parsing Raku accurately called for building a custom parser generator, which drew on the compiler development skills within the team. The wide range of features to deliver led the team to gain awareness of, and experience using, numerous new IntelliJ platform APIs. These skills can be brought to bear on your projects too.


Want to hear more? Watch a webinar by Comma’s team lead, Jonathan Worthington.

The same team have also delivered numerous other consulting projects on the IDEA platform, including:

  • Development of custom language support (parsing, syntax highlighting, code navigation, auto-complete, refactorings, and more)

  • Graphical development tools for defining user interface interactions and machine learning networks

  • Integration of additional testing libraries

  • Tooling for building custom IDEs with branding and bundled plugins

  • UI-based testing of plugins

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