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Yep! We are like everyone else.
BUTstill not!


The "small" tech company with international customers

What sets us all apart at Edument is our curiosity. The desire to teach us new things. If it is future technologies in our areas or how a 3D printer works. This is also shown in many leisure projects, everything from Comma IDE, the computer game Cathedral, how to solve Rubikskub with AI to Open source projects and VR experiences. We believe in knowledge. By sharing ours and sharing others' knowledge, we can create innovation!


Frontend Developer med passion för mjukvaruutveckling

Vi söker en Frontend Developer som vill vara en del av vår spännande resa framåt. Antal års erfarenhet och titlar är viktigt, men viktigare är din passion för mjukvaruutveckling och din ständiga vilja att utvecklas. För vi vet att när passionen och viljan finns, kommer våra kunder garanterat att bli nöjda!




Edument är en plats där du är del av ett team mjukvaruutvecklare som värdesätter tre saker:

  1. Bli så skickliga mjukvaruutvecklare som möjligt med vägledning och mentorskap av våra erfarna kollegor

  2. Leverera högkvalitativa lösningar till våra spännande kunder

  3. Ha väldigt kul!



"Meeting with management to help them understand how to apply Domain Driven Design and get business benefit from it. Implement type-driven optimizations in a compiler. Teach a class on software architecture, help students understand and understand new concepts.

It's all a typical week's work!"

Read more about Jonathan's

work with IntelliJ

We Develop


For over 10 years we have trained system developers both nationally and internationally. We have and deliver customer projects that require a solid technical knowledge and a well-functioning team as well as an understanding of the customer's business. By being involved in various projects and industries, we quickly see strengths and weaknesses in new technologies and find solutions before others. Maybe that's why our customers return to us with their complex IT challenges. If you have a project that requires expertise in Cloud, architecture or developer tools, contact us!



"I always want to learn new things and love to take on challenges. I like problem solving; problems exist for a reason, and that is to be solved. I am not afraid to dive into a problem or area that is outside of my knowledge. In fact, it is precisely that satisfaction - finding a solution, using it to solve the problem and learning new things at the same time - that drives me."

We Grow

Edument AB was founded in 2010 by Acke Salem and Tore Nestenius in Helsingborg. They met for the first time at a conference where they began to discuss that there was a lack of services in the development sector that included both training and mentoring. Hence the company name which derives from justEDUcation andMENTorship. Over the years, we've written over 150 coursebooks and trained thousands of developers worldwide since then. 


–  In order to always be at the forefront, we devoted 40 percent of our working time to learning new techniques, but also to developing courses and other products that we could sell. This has followed us all these years, says Acke Salem.


Since 2010, the market, our customers and the need for our expertise have constantly developed and so has our offer.Today, for example, we can offer more cutting edge areas within our in-house teams depending on what needs you have for e.g. Proof of concept, DD or as an external R&D partner.

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