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Jonathan Worthington


A meeting with management to help them understand how to apply Domain Driven Design and get business value from it. Implementing type-driven optimizations in a compiler. Delivering a class on software architecture, helping students to grasp and understand new concepts.


It's all in a typical week's work for Jonathan!

Whether it's architecting, coding, teaching or mentoring, Jonathan is at home. He has an eye for elegance and simplicity, and loves to take something that seems difficult, get to the heart of the complexity and make an easy to understand solution. At Edument, Jonathan spends his time teaching, helping clients to tackle complexity in their software development and delivering solutions to some of their trickiest implementation challenges.

A consultant since 2006, Jonathan is also a very active open source contributor, and a popular speaker at a range of international workshops and conferences.

Key skills

  • Perl

  • C#

  • JavaScript

  • React

  • Software Architecture

  • Compilers and runtime environments

  • Git

  • TDD

  • DDD

Previous assignments

  • Consultant for TN DataKonsult AB

  • Core developer on the Rakudo Perl 6 Compiler

  • Lead developer at Programmer’s Heaven (development site)

  • Lead developer for WallCreate (online canvas art specialist)

  • GitHub-Mark-64px
  • LinkedIn
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