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Jukka Nylund


Jukka has been working within IT since 1991, and started his career within Ericsson. He worked with introducing new ways of working, new methods for systems development and investigating tools for testing and systems development. Having come into early contact with object orientation, he's been following how the concept has developed since the early 90s.

He is comfortable working both within large and small projects.

His career brought him to Saab Aerospace, where he managed the introduction and documentation of new processes of development. Among other things, he led the work with creating applied process descriptions for a number of different development groups within the JAS Gripen project. After some time within Saab he moved on to Nokia Home Communications, where he was responsible for evolving a Configuration Management process for the organisation. The work entailed creating routines and roles in an organisation with little or no experience with CM.


During this time he has also kept in touch with the evolution of software development. He has, both professionally and privately, led projects within web development and C++. He is used to both being a leader and being a part of the organisation. Used to work on his own but works just as well in a project group. He has experience with building process organisations, defining routines and roles for an efficient development organisation.

Key skills

  • Configuration Management

  • Continous Integration

  • Release Management

  • Python

  • Git

  • Jenkins

Previous assignments

  • Uppsala Clinical Research center

  • Ellemtel

  • Ericsson Telecom

  • Ericsson Radio Systems

  • Ericsson Infocom Consultants

  • Ericsson Radio Systems

  • Saab Aerospace

  • Teacher in UML

  • Nokia Home Communications

  • LinkedIn
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