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Martin Haggren


Since I started in the industry in the late 90's, I have worked almost exclusively with web development in various forms, often with implementation projects of major (W)CMS such as Interwoven TeamSite, SDL Web, or Adobe Experience Manager. Since the web world often is technical multilingual, I have come into contact with various programming languages, frameworks and techniques over the years, which have given med a broad knowledge and understanding of various technical solutions. 

My main driving force and inspiration is to accomplish things together in group with other people - therefore I very much enjoy working in cross-functional teams where everyone has their own skills, while sharing knowledge and experience to make the final result as good as possible - and let everyone learn something new along the way.

Key skills

  • Web Content Management Systems

  • Web development

  • Java

  • C#


  • Node.js

  • Agile methodology

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