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“Move fast and break things” - with events!

Utforska hur "händelsecentrerad" produktutveckling och plattformen AxonIQ ger dig kritisk flexibilitet att möta ständigt föränderliga marknadskrav. Lär dig hur andra startups har använt detta tillvägagångssätt för att få en konkurrensfördel och nå hög tillväxt, och hur du kan anamma samma möjligheter för ditt företag.

If you’re a burgeoning technology startup, aiming to disrupt an existing market or be a trailblazer in an emerging sector, today’s wide array of cloud based technologies, tools and processes allows you to create and deliver product features faster and more often, continuously receiving immediate feedback from your customers that may be funneled into further improvements and innovations. 

This form of rapid product iteration typically generates vast amounts of data about your users and their behaviour that may provide actionable insights. In particular, events constitute information about what and when something happened and are key to implementing auditing and analytics - essential capabilities for making transparent and reliable business decisions.

AxonIQ is a platform for building event-driven systems that are scalable, resilient and high-performant, and significantly reduces the time and resources required to deploy such solutions.

Join Marc Klefter, startup founder and technical lead at Edument AB, to explore how centering your product development around events, powered by AxonIQ, offers critical flexibility to evolve and meet ever-changing market demands. Learn how other startups have used this approach to gain a competitive advantage and experience high growth, and how it may unlock the same opportunities for your venture.


Marc Klefter

Torsdag 17 mars

kl 12.00 - 13.00

Seminariet hålls tillsammans med Hetch på plats hos dem i Helsingborg.


Det går även att lyssna in digitalt, anmäl dig i formuläret nedan! 

Eventet är gratis

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