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Nelly Haglund


I always want to learn new things and love to take on challenges. I like problem solving; Problems exist for a reason, and that is to be solved. I am not afraid to dive into a problem or area that is beyond my knowledge. In fact, it is exactly the satisfaction - finding a solution, using it to solve the problem and at the same time learning new things - that drives me. During my years at the university, the focus was on .NET, but at Edument both my interest and focus changed the direction of JavaScript, React, NodeJS and overall web development.

During my time at Edument, I have been involved in exciting and educational projects both internally and for clients, both in small and large groups. I appreciate giving and gaining knowledge on Edument and using it to be both broader and deeper in my skills.

Key skills

  • JavaScript

  • Bootstrap

  • ReactJS

  • NodeJS

  • Git

  • C#

  • Architecture 

  • AWS

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