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Anatomic Studios - new partner in our Techhub

We are now the lead investor in Anatomic Studios, an innovative company that creates specially designed prostheses within MedTech. We look forward to being a part of Anatomic Studios' journey, full of innovative opportunities.

Anatomic Studios consists of a team of passionate innovators who, through fashion, design and 3D technology, transform prostheses, from aids to personally designed fashion accessories. They are thinking new in a traditional medical technology industry.

- Behind Anatomic Studios are people with extremely good values, and in connection with their cool product, they have an exciting future that we at Edument are happy to be part of and invest in, says Acke Salem, Edument's CEO.

Edument enters as the main investor with equal parts money and expertise to help Anatomic Studios with both product and software development. In the first stage, Teknikhubben will automate workflows to free up time for their designers.

- We are very happy that Edument’s Techhub will help us realize our ideas and come with skills and resources we did not have in the team before. We are really looking forward to the collaboration taking shape and already feel that it will be an exciting and really fun journey together, says Anatomic Studios founders Christian Veraeus and Emelie Strömshed.

Our goal is to work with Anatomic Studios to ensure that the product from ear to loaf can be optimized with the help of software. Together, we want to digitize a traditional industry so that personally designed prostheses are available to everyone.

- We are so happy to be able to take prosthetic fashion globally and continue to develop our e-commerce and 3D technology platform, which will create a completely new experience for our customers, says Emelie Strömshed, founder and Creative Director at Anatomic Studios.

What’s Edument’s Techhub?

In principle, all development requires some type of software, regardless of industry. This is the basic idea in our Techhub, where we offer our unique knowledge of software development. We want to reach out to companies where we see that our technical expertise contributes to an improved market in various industries.

From earlier this year starting the collaboration with Comotion, a production agency with a focus on 3D that works with the real estate industry, among other things; we have now entered Anatomic Studios which works with MedTech and design.


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