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Edument & AxonIQ on tour!

Do you want to gain an understanding of creating event-driven software using AxonIQ's comprehensive product suite?

Our Roadshow offers a free seminar for your organization to learn about designing and implementing event-driven applications using AxonIQ's market-leading technology platform.

In a 2-hour session, the founder and CTO of AxonIQ Allard Buijze and Edument Tech Lead Marc Klefter will introduce principles and patterns that power event-driven architectures, such as domain-driven design (DDD), CQRS and event sourcing, and demonstrate how to implement them in code.

For whom?

Our Roadshow provides a necessary, theoretical understanding and practical overview, adapted (as far as possible) to the domain in which your organization operates.

We invite and encourage both technical and non-technical organizational stakeholders (e.g. software developers and architects, product managers and CTOs) to learn more about AxonIQ's offering and how it enables building robust, high-performant and loosely-coupled microservices. The popular, open-source Axon Framework and its programming model makes it easy to apply the aforementioned concepts to develop scalable and extensible applications, and Axon Server provides essential infrastructure services for event storage and routing.

Experts to learn from

Allard Buijze is founder and Chief Technology Officer at AxonIQ, he is also the global thought-leader on event sourcing. He is a recognised expert with more than 20 years’ experience in microservices, event sourcing and event-driven architectures.

Marc Klefter is Edument Tech Lead, helping Edument’s clients navigate their technical journey. With an extensive background as an entrepreneur, consultant and trainer, he brings essential expertise required to successfully deliver on challenging and critical projects.

Do you want the Roadshow to come to you? Contact Marc Klefter, Technical Lead Axon Projects at Edument (

Our partnership

The Roadshow is an initiative sprung from the partnership between Edument and AxonIQ in the Nordics. Together we provide training, knowledge sharing and hands-on support to enable our clients to adapt to ever-changing business requirements by embracing solid architectural principles such as domain-driven design (DDD), CQRS, and event sourcing, in order to build scalable, distributed and mission-critical solutions.



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