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Edument och AxonIQ teamar upp i Norden!

Edument + AxonIQ

A partnership that aims to share knowledge about, and help companies and developers in the Nordics implement event-driven systems using AxonIQ’s leading technology stack and Edument’s training and consultancy services.

Since the beginning of 2010, Edument has trained and mentored thousands of developers and helped customers in various domains to solve tomorrow's issues with modern technologies.

AxonIQ offers the market-leading platform for building event-driven applications, consisting of the Axon Framework, which provides a programming model for developers, and Axon Server for specialized infrastructure support (storage of all your events).

Edument and AxonIQ will jointly help customers to implement event-driven software using the powerful Axon platform. Through training, knowledge sharing and hands-on support, we enable our clients to adapt to ever-changing business requirements by embracing solid architectural principles such as Domain-Driven Design, CQRS, and Event Sourcing, in order to build scalable, distributed and mission-critical solutions.

- Marc Klefter, Tech Lead of Edument’s cloud engineering team, responsible for driving AxonIQ projects.

Founded in 2017, AxonIQ is headquartered in Utrecht, The Netherlands, working with a distributed team that has customers around the world in sectors as varied as financial services, logistics, retail, and healthcare.

What our customers have in common is a strategic desire to transform their application landscape, both from a technical and commercial perspective. They handle huge amounts of data, often sensitive data, and many millions of transactions a day. We enable our customers to streamline and redefine their application to suit modern requirements. Supporting new business processes/products with new apps which are often Event centric,

Real time, Reactive and Data driven. Not by rebuilding them from scratch, but in ways that align with customer needs, to help create competitive advantages..

We are excited to start working together with Edument in Sweden. Edument has extensive experience in teaching and coaching development teams on DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing patterns. Axon Framework makes it much easier and faster to develop software based on these principles. And Axon Server provides a one-stop solution for event storage and event routing, inclusive operational support services at the highest level. We are confident that the combination of Edument and AxonIQ will help our customers to build cool applications and have fun doing it.

- Jeannot Bos, AxonIQ Advocate, responsible for happy customers globally

Together we're excited and eager to commence this partnership to help our customers evolve their software IQ!

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