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Edument talk about Angular and the lure about programming

David Waller and Stephen Lau are speaking att Day of the Programmer.

On September 10, it is the Day of the Programmer, a one-day conference for programmers, of programmers. David Waller and Stephen Lau from Edument are two of the speakers.

– I'm looking forward to Day of the Programmer in Jönköping, both speaking and enjoying the other talks. I think it's very important that as programmers we come together and share our experiences to help each other improve, says Stephen.

The talk he'll be giving is "Angular testing… but faster" which is a talk based on his experiences consulting at a Fortune 500 company.

– While automated testing isn't the most exciting topic, I feel that it's something all developers should strive to excel at. Choosing the right tools and techniques and minimizing dependence on manual testing allows our teams to refactor ruthlessly and develop with confidence at scale, he continues to tell.

Based on experience in training

Recent years we’ve frequently been involved in providing training to people switching over to programming from entirely different vocations. According to David that has provided fertile ground for many great discussions about what being a programmer entails, and how it differs from other trades.

– I very much enjoyed being forced to capture in words what the lure about programming actually is, and on Day of the Programmer I look forward to using my keynote - “Programming is awesome because” - as an excuse to compare notes on this subject with fellow programmers.


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