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New Course - ASP.NET Core with OpenID Connect and IdentityServer

We are constantly working to develop new courses. One of the courses in progress is “Securing ASP.NET using OpenID Connect and IdentityServer” which we plan to offer shortly, both remotely and on site.

Why have we created this particular training?

We regularly meet developers who find it complicated to understand and implement support for users and rights in their systems. There are too many concepts involved, including OAuth, OpenID Connect, IdentityServer, certificates, policies, tokens, scope, claims, roles, cookies, and more.

That is why we are developing this course so that more people will understand how to build a modern identity solution based on OpenID Connect and IdentityServer. IdentityServer is an open-source framework for those who want to build your own identity service. In the course, we will not only configure a variety of magical libraries, but instead we will delve into these concepts to give you a thorough understanding of how everything is connected. In some cases by implementing some parts by hand!

The course has also been created as a complement to our courseWeb Security for Developers since web security and how to manage users go hand in hand.

In the course we used the latest version of ASP.NET core (3.1) and IdentityServer4. The prerequisites for taking the course are that you have a basic understanding of how the ASP.NET core works, corresponding to our course Beginning ASP.NET Core and how the web works. We will also touch on what's new in version 4.0 of IdentityServer4 and OAuth 2.1.



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