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Product Owner with certification

As a Product Owner, you lead product development and are responsible for maximizing the product's value. The role of the Product Owner is complex. You will collaborate with many stakeholders. You are responsible for product goals and product backlog. You must both be operative and have the ability to delegate. Your tasks will vary depending on the organization, Scrum team, and product. While the product owner role is challenging, it inspires those who like product development!

This two-day workshop is for you who want to develop your abilities in product development in an agile environment. You will gain a deeper understanding of what a Product Owner is accountable for, but also knowledge of the accountabilities of the Scrum Master, Developer, and so-called Stakeholders. You will mix the theory with practical exercises you can immediately use with your team. The workshop is also preparatory for the certification Professional Scrum Product Owner I (PSPO I)


  • Understand the Product Owner's responsibilities and the relationship with others in the Scrum Team.

  • Agile product management and the value of product mindset instead of project mindset.

  • How strategy, vision, product goals, and sprint goals are connected.

  • Tools and techniques for creating and managing the product backlog.

  • Release management and forecasts.

  • What value is and how you can measure it.

  • To work with stakeholders.

  • Preparations for certification.

Target audience 

  • You work or want to work as a Product Owner and gain a more profound knowledge of the product owner role and Scrum.

  • You are a Scrum Master and want to gain a deeper understanding of the Product Owner role to become a better coach for Product Owners, Scrum Teams and Stakeholders.

  • You work or want to work with product development in a complex environment.

Prerequisites & Preparations

No previous knowledge is required.

The best way to prepare for the course is to read the Scrum Guide and think about how you want to work as a Product Owner. A bonus task, do the Scrum Open and Product Owner Open tests.


After the workshop, you can choose to get certified. The certification exam consists of 80 questions. You need 85% to pass and have 60 minutes to complete it.

Teacher:  Björn Lindell

16 900 SEK  ex VAT


11 - 12 May 2023

- The course is given remotely or in a classroom
- If you are a team that wants to attend the training, there is the possibility of content adaptation based on your needs

Duration: 2 days           

Level: Beginning

Language: English/Swedish                  

Course code: P108

Scrum Master - intrsseanmälan
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