Hur kan vi hjälpa dig?

How can we help you?

We are your software partner for PoC, external R&D department, and / or will be a consultant in your team


Do you want to test an idea or develop a software project and are looking for a partner who can help challenge the market?

Challenge us!

Eric och Mattias glada

Our expertise

For over ten years, we have worked with complex IT solutions for and with our customers. Our team consists of experienced architects and developers hired by clients, large and small when they need specialists in architecture, programming language design, compiler and runtime development, developer tool design, and API design.


IntelliJ is more than a Java IDE. It is also the name of a platform that can be extended and used in a variety of powerful directions: tool integration, workflow automation, or even as a plugin and IDE into other programming languages.


Edument Cloud Center consists of a dedicated group of software engineers specialized in helping Edument's customers develop and launch scalable, robust and secure cloud services.


One problem that usually arises is that many systems are built under very intense forms in the beginning. The reasons can be many. It can be to test a concept, or to achieve a time-critical goal of some kind. The problems usually start when you move away from the initial concept and try to scale up.

Edument has experienced architects who have helped a number of companies to both structure existing code bases, and to help with the architecture in an initial stage of new projects.

Arkitektur på kontor

API Review and SDK Development

Do you offer, or are you planning to offer, an API for your service? We can help you to deliver a better experience to developers who will use it. We can:

  • Carry out a review of your API, looking out for potential pain points, inconsistencies, and other design issues

  • Have our polyglot team develop idiomatic sample code for your API in a range of languages and platforms

  • Design and implement SDKs for languages and platforms, to help developers more easily use your API


Do you want to test an idea or develop a software project and are looking for a partner who can help challenge the market?

Challenge us!

Martin och Nelly



NELLY A talented front-end developer with a penchant for React who recently took the step to also set up the architecture during the development of a web application together with H22. 



ALEXANDER A developer who has many years on his neck in C ++ and C # and had thought it would be fun to work in the gaming industry, but of course the task itself counts.

We will be part of your team

No matter what and how big challenges you face, we can help you with your IT projects! Contact me and we will have a dialogue about what skills you need and how we can help you further. 

Wiveka Thott

Wiveka Thott

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