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Edument Solutions
Dedicated software teams in Helsingborg, Malmö and Prague

Edument offers both entire software teams and consultants in a number of different solution areas such as Cloud native applications, architecture, web development with a focus on React, development of software tools, etc. We help you do a due diligence, start up and run software projects, choose technology, build about the architecture etc. Starting from Helsingborg, Malmö, Prague and San Francisco, we help you reach your software goals.

Area solutions


Many systems are built under very intensive forms at the beginning. The reasons can be many. It could be to test a concept, or to achieve a time-critical goal of some kind. The problems usually start when you move away from the initial concept and try to scale up.

Edument has experienced architects who have helped a number of companies to both structure existing codebases, as well as to help with the architecture in an initial stage on new projects.

Web development

Are you looking for experienced web developers with a focus on React? Our team has helped many clients with their web development projects and knows how to get the best out of React.

API review and SDK development

Do you offer, or plan to offer, an API for your service? We help you deliver an API that provides a good experience for developers who use it.

Development on the IntelliJ platform

IntelliJ is more than a Java IDE. It is also the name of a platform that can be extended and used in a number of powerful directions: tool integration, workflow automation, or even as a plugin and IDE to other programming languages. Edument has the expertise and knowledge to deliver all of this - and more!

Emulate energy
- virtual battery

Emulate Energy is a spinoff of a research project from MIT, where Shwan Lameii, co-founder / CEO and Daria Madjidian, PhD Applied Mathematics, co-founder at Emulate Energy have succeeded in creating a virtual battery that allows large-scale management of the power grid through digital tools.

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For over 13 years, we have succeeded in creating dynamic teams with both broad and deep competence. Through these teams, we have built a process that gives our customers a clear picture of what their software project entails, the cost and the time required. Something that both our customers' management and board of appreciate.

At each project start, we do a Due Diligence where we review the technology, the business model and the company's vision going forward and create a clear Proof of Concept. This gives you as a customer a clear picture of the project but also a clear picture of the price and time estimate where we bear the risk.
If you have a software project that is unclear and lacks a price and/or time estimate, book a meeting with Acke Salem, CEO and founder of Edument Group.

We take the risk to get a you a clear price and time estimation

We take the risk to get a you a clear price and time estimation

Står ni inför en utmaning i er tekniska utveckling? Behöver ni hjälp kring vilket vägval ni ska ta eller hur ni ska gå vidare i projektet? 

Boka in ett möte med Wiveka Thott, Business Area Manager Project & Consulting Services.


Meet our colleague
Tomas Hau, Java developer

Tomas Hau is a Java developer with over 16 years of experience in mobile application development and web/backend development. Tomas really shines on the Backend side with Java and Spring as the basic framework. The size of projects does not matter, as he is generally very quick to familiarize himself with existing codebases and systems. Until March, Tomas and his family work from Koh Lanta, Thailand.

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Do you need help with a project, either with software consultants or a partner whocan take on the entire project, contact us and we'll tell you more

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Cloud Native Applications


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