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Cloud Native Application Development using AWS Container Services

Cloud Native Application Development using AWS Container Services  

This workshop offers a comprehensive introduction to building container based applications targeting AWS.


Format and Duration

Two (2) half-day or one (1) day, hands-on sessions (online/onsite), where participants will actively learn the concepts via in-depth exercises coupled with essential theory. 



Familiarity with JavaScript/TypeScript and NodeJS, as well as Docker. Prior AWS experience is not required.


The sessions cover the fundamentals of AWS, and specifically the AWS ECS and Fargate services that allow for building and running cloud native applications using containers:

  • What is “cloud native”, and how does AWS support it?

  • AWS foundations, including networking and IAM.

  • Implementing load-balanced web services.



  • Synchronous service-to-service communication (and service discovery).

  • Asynchronous service-to-service communication (“publish-subscribe” pattern with AWS SNS and SQS).

  • Observability and AWS Cloudwatch.

  • Scaling an application, and managing secrets and storage.

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC), and setting up a CI/CD pipeline



After this workshop, participants will have learned the key principles of developing, deploying and managing container based, cloud native software using AWS services, and how to implement common application types and scenarios (APIs, microservices, processing workloads and more).

Pris 9 990 kr per deltagare (exkl. moms)
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Marc Klefter, Technical Lead / Cloud Native Applications

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