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A tour of C++20

C++20 came out this year, and with it a lot of exciting new features to help you write more modular, more powerful, and more correct code.

In this Webinar, you'll get an overview of the recent additions to the C++ language.

Be ready to tour and learn the foundations of features such as

  • modules, to embrace a simpler way to modularize your C++ code than old `#include`s

  • concepts, to help you write constrained templates with proper diagnostics.

  • the extensions to `constexpr`, ever more powerful.

  • the `<=>` spaceship operator and a few other bells and whistles, so that your code may be more expressive.

With Raphaël Karpinski

Raphaël is one of our senior software developers at our office in Prague. He has been programming since his younger years and have developed an eclectic interest in various technologies, from the most well-known to the more esoteric ones.


 Wednesday September 23, 2020 
Will be in English

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