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Market Basket Analysis in Azure Databricks   

Processing large amounts of data previously required expensive investments in the form of hardware and experts. Databricks has taken the cloud and open source help to lower the threshold. Unlimited data analysis is now available to the masses.

In this presentation, I show, from ear to ear, how to spin up a Databricks instance and do a Market Basket Analysis using MLlib (Machine Learning Library) and Python. You will see how you can easily find unexpected links among large amounts of transactions and how to scale up and down the system according to your needs. 


The webinar is at an introductory level to the subject and the idea is to attract you who participate in a deeper interest, but the habit of programming in any language is advantageous.

With Robert Ilijason

Robert Ilijason has 20 years behind him in decision support. He has worked as a consultant at some of Europe's largest companies and has run large-scale analysis work in trade, telecom, banking, insurance and more. He has seen many trends come and go over the years, but unlike many others, he believes in Apache Spark in the cloud. Especially then Databricks, which may become a game changer.

Don't miss Get AI, southern Sweden's AI center. Like us, they like to share knowledge - that's why we're doing this webinar together!


 Wednesday September 23, 2020 
Will be in English

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