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How We Built Comma, the Raku IDE, on the IntelliJ Platform

This webinar tells the story of how Edument build an IDE for the Raku language using the IntelliJ Platform.

Building an IDE from scratch would have been prohibitively expensive. By contrast, building on the IntelliJ Platform meant starting from a mature base, getting a great deal of generic IDE functionality for free, and therefore being able to focus on the parts of the experience specific to the Raku language.


The webinar covers:

  • How the IntelliJ Platform models code through the Program Structure Interface

  • An overview of the things that need to be built to provide support for a new language on the IntelliJ platform

  • How to go from a language support plugin to an IDE

  • Some things the Comma team wish they'd known sooner (or, how to make different mistakes!)

With Jonathan Worthington


26th January 2020

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