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Cloud native application development with Kubernetes

As more and more organisations go "cloud native", it is incumbent on software developers to become acquainted with the multitude of technologies, tools, platforms and practices that are essential for developing cloud based applications and services. Within this realm, Kubernetes constitutes a de facto standard for deploying and managing containerized applications in a portable manner.

Navigating the world of Kubernetes is often a daunting task; in this webinar, Marc Klefter, Tech Lead at Edument, takes you on a whirlwind tour of this technology and demonstrates how to build, package and deploy a NodeJS microservices application onto a Kubernetes cluster.

Topics covered in this session include

  • Core Kubernetes concepts and components.

  • Setting up a local development environment and Kubernetes cluster.

  • Creating a Kubernetes deployment.

  • Service discovery, and exposing applications for external and internal communication.


After this webinar, you'll have acquired foundational knowledge of Kubernetes and how it may be utilized to implement cloud native applications.


Basic understanding of containers and Docker.

With Marc Klefter


Thursday September 30th  

Kl 12.00 - 13.00 

Will be in English

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