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Workshop -
Introduction to Docker
and DevOps

The workshop is intended to give participants a hands-on introduction to Docker and DevOps practices. It consists of two four-hour sessions.

Participants in this workshop will explore Docker through a multitude of exercises and demos, combined with essential theory.

Introduction to container based applications and Docker

  • Writing Dockerfiles, building images and running containers

  • Container data storage - volumes and bind mounts

  • Multi-stage image builds

  • Docker networking

  • Running multi-container applications with Docker Compose

  • Using Docker Hub for sharing images

  • Deploying container based applications to cloud platforms such as AWS ECS

  • Docker best practices

  • An overview of Kubernetes - the orchestration platform for containers


Introduction to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery using Docker

Target audience

Developers with no or basic knowledge of building container based applications with Docker.


This workshop requires no prior experience of container technology or Docker.

9 900 SEK ex. moms

Next opportunity

14 juni 2023

- The course is given remote or in classroom
- Contact us for upcoming courses
- If you are a team there is an opportunity for content adaptation based on your needs

Course duration: 2 half days         

Languages: English      

Anmäl intresse - Devops


Overall I think the course has good structure and content. There is a good balance between theory and practice. If time would allow more exercises would of course be great, for example, doing more Dockerfile and docker-compose.yaml would be interesting.


The workshop was very useful for me and the best part was the exercises because I learned the most from my mistakes.


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