people, systems, companies


We explore and develop systems, people and companies; and make them grow through our technical competence and experience.


We Explore

What sets us all apart at Edument is our curiosity. The desire to teach us new things. If it is future technologies in our areas or how a 3D printer works. This is also shown in many leisure projects, everything from Comma IDE, the computer game Cathedral, how to solve Rubikskub with AI to Open source projects and VR experiences. We believe in knowledge. By sharing ours and sharing others' knowledge, we can create innovation!

We Develop

For over 10 years we have trained system developers both nationally and internationally. We have and deliver customer projects that require a solid technical knowledge and a well-functioning team as well as an understanding of the customer's business. By being involved in various projects and industries, we quickly see strengths and weaknesses in new technologies and find solutions before others. Maybe that's why our customers return to us with their complex IT challenges. If you have a project that requires expertise in Cloud, architecture or developer tools, contact us!


We Grow

As the market has changed, our expertise has also been in demand in the startup scene. That's how we started our Teknikhubb, a tech team for startups. Here, entrepreneurs, researchers or why not other developers can take advantage of our expertise and experience in software, business and marketing strategies to take their business idea to the next level and make it grow. 


At Edument, we believe in interdisciplinary where our customers have domain knowledge and we have the technical expertise. Together we create innovation. By sharing ours and sharing others' knowledge, we can create change and develop sustainable technical solutions!  

- Acke Salem, CEO & Founder


Contact us

Feel free to come by our office or contact us by phone or e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Tel:  040 - 61 70 720

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Our head office is located at  Kullagatan 21 in Helsingborg.

We also work from Malmö, Gothenburg and Prague.