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AI Code Generation:
The Next Big Thing or Threat

Welcome to a lunch seminar on Wednesday 26th of April. Our two speakers Dimitris Platis and Ioannis Gkikas will talk about the benefits, threats and challenges with us living and working side by side with AI. 

As technology continues to evolve, companies are investing in AI tools that can generate text or other media, including code. These tools, such as ChatGPT and GitHub CoPilot, are becoming increasingly popular among software developers. 


But what does this mean for those working in the software industry? In this talk, we'll explore the current state of AI code generation tools and discuss their potential benefits and drawbacks. We'll look beyond the hype and address some common questions, such as whether these tools will replace human coders and if it's safe and legal to use their output. 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn about the exciting developments in AI tools and how they may impact software development. Whether you're writing code yourself or simply working in technology, this talk will provide valuable insights into the future of AI code generation. 


AI - slow down for a moment 

With AI systems seeing exponential advancement, it is essential to examine the ethical implications and potential risks associated with this accelerated progress. The presentation will delve into topics such as digital amnesia and digital divide, algorithmic biases, job displacement, the potential internet "Heat Death". 


By raising awareness and fostering a dialogue about these critical concerns, I hope to give some food for thought for individuals and organizations to make informed decisions about AI adoption and its regulation instead of jumping to a hype train without second thoughts.


When? Wednesday April 26

Time? The seminar starts at 12.10, drop-in from 11.30

Where? Mindpark Järntorget, Masthamnsgatan 3 in Gothenburg


We offer lunch!
The seminar will be held in English

The event is held together with Mindpark


About the speakers

Dimitris Platis calls himself a Software Engineer and a Maker.

These days I like to hack on

embedded systems of all shapes and sizes. Having worked on systems running Yocto Linux and the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) I am very passionate about software architecture and clean code being the enablers for high quality, reusability, and maintainability. They are fundamental for agility, effectiveness and my way of working.

I am also into teaching. Whether that is Systems Development to BSc students at the University of Gothenburg or C++ to professionals, I like to transfer my passion about the subject to the course participants, while providing them with all the essential knowledge.

Last but not least, I spend my evenings on open source projects which I blog about. My favorite ones revolve around developer tools, IoT, robotics and handheld gadgets where I love to develop the entire product stack.


Ioannis Gkikas is a software Engineering consultant and professional overthinker.

I am utterly interested in the social aspects in engineering work. I also like plants, music, building stuff at home and cooking.

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