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Fractional Architect

Leverage the expertise of an experienced software architect to help guide your project to success, at a fraction of the time and expense of a full-time equivalent.

Why do you need a fractional architect?

Whether you’re building a new application or modernizing an existing one, Edument’s fractional architect offering provides the know-how and hands-on assistance to set the proper direction for your development efforts:

- Ensure that all technical and non-technical stakeholders share a common understanding of how the future system will support your particular business domain and goals - 

The fractional architect facilitates collaborative domain modeling sessions in your organization, to capture and visualize critical insights from a diverse audience that will yield a blueprint that functions as a “source of truth” for subsequent system design and implementation.

Edument’s preferred method for this essential activity is Event Modeling.

- Derive system requirements and design an enabling architecture -

The fractional architect assumes an active role in system design with your development team - analyzing, selecting, and documenting architectural styles (“Are microservices right for us?”), characteristics (“How do we achieve reliability?”) and critical trade-offs that meet the identified system requirements, aided via requisite leadership and mentoring.     


Edument’s emphasis on event-driven concepts, Event Sourcing in particular, delivers the flexibility to evolve and scale a system to match your commercial needs and create competitive advantages.


- Assemble a suitable technology stack and drive system implementation -


The fractional architect navigates and advises on the complex terrain of technologies, tools, and processes that underpin a modern, cloud-native application.

Edument promotes a container-based approach with Kubernetes, combined with Dapr, for implementing distributed systems in a language and platform-independent manner, according to best practices and patterns.

How have we helped our customers?

Through our partnership with AxonIQ , we have established ourselves as experts in event modeling and event sourcing, where we take an advisory role for larger companies. We offer specialized training and in-depth knowledge of Axon Server for both developers and infrastructure. With our expertise, we can help companies optimize their use of these tools to maximize the efficiency and success of their projects.

We have successfully supported our client by designing and implementing a new system architecture with extensive integrations with third-party systems. Our work included the use of technologies such as AWS as a cloud platform and Serverless, which enabled an efficient and scalable solution for their needs.

What are the benefits of a fractional architect?

As the name suggests, employing a senior architect according to the fractional model implies the following benefits:


- Flexibility -
Utilize the architect’s services based on project needs, using your desired mode of interaction - on-site, and via virtual meetings, chat, and email.

Typically, an architect is involved heavily at the beginning of a project, where domain modeling and system design efforts dominate. As work progresses from these initial stages, the architect’s presence may be down-scaled and called upon on-demand.


- Optimized for cost -
Whether it’s a monthly fee or a per-hour or per-day basis - timeboxed or open-ended - the cost of accessing the expertise (especially for small-to-medium enterprises) will be significantly lower than attempting to hire an individual with a matching skill set.


- Diverse and fresh viewpoints -

A consulting architect with decades of experience in a wide range of business and technology domains and settings, in tune with the current trends, often brings a much-needed outside perspective that helps teams jumpstart their initiatives, remove obstacles, and clarify the road ahead. 

How do you get started with a fractional architect?

Start a conversation with Edument today, and let us jointly evaluate if the fractional model is a good fit for you.


In general, we recommend a fractional architect engagement of 25-50% in the initial stages of your project, for 1-3 months. 


If you’re unfamiliar with any of the topics that Edument’s fractional architect offering encompasses - Event Modeling, Event Sourcing, Dapr, and more - and want to gain more insight (or just be inspired!), you can book a related “tech talk” for your organization and get the chance to see the fractional architect “in action” directly.

- Contact Us -

Would you like to schedule an appointment to find out more about how we can help you? Contact Wiveka Thott:

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